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Could Lucid Group’s stock be an appealing investment opportunity?

What would you say if you had got a chance of investing in Tesla 5 years ago when its stock was trading at about $ 40 and before it skyrocketed to its present hight of $739 per share, as on the day of this publication? In this article we will take a look at fundamentals of Lucid Group (formerly Lucid Motors), an innovative American automotive company which is on its way of delivering the..


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The five best disruptive technology stocks from the U.S.

The U.S. emerged quickest out of the corona pandemic. Here are the best American stocks in our technology portfolio. Choosing the five best disruptive American companies from the technology stocks was not easy.


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Invest in stocks that are technology leaders, not losers

Technological development has always been rapid, but during the corona crisis the pace of development accelerated to the speed of light. A digital leap spanning several years was taken in a few months.


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Try investing with a virtual portfolio in eToro

New trading platforms interest investors. One of the most popular ones is the world’s leading social trading platform eToro, which offers a wide selection of tools for investing in capital markets. We do not recommend eToro for first-time investors, but even a beginner can practice investing safely with an eToro virtual portfolio.